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Increase your home comfort.

At BHMS we believe every home deserve to be comfortable all year-round and not hot and muggy in the summer or freezing during the winter. Many homes waste energy through drafty rooms, poor insulation, and inefficient HVAC equipment. Our Home Performance Energy Audits pinpoint specific problem-areas in your home and identify efficiency improvements that increase home comfort and save you money.

However, a Home Energy Audit from BHMS improves your efficiency and unlocks eligibility for efficiency upgrade rebates from your utility.

Benchmark your home.

Our Home Performance Energy Audits take only 3-4 hours and save homeowners 5-10% on their annual energy bill.

Receive your diagnosis.

Once the audit is completed, our BHMS Specialist will provide a Home Energy Report Card with a list of recommended solutions for the problems identified. These may include increasing insulation levels, sealing air leaks, or replacing outdated or malfunctioning equipment, such as your heating and air conditioning system or water heater.

At BHMS, we are geared to perform the efficiency improvements that work best for you.