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Program/Project Management

At BHMS, we believe that for large programs with many sub-projects, there is a need to assess the lifecycle of each sub-project and determine its potential impact on the rest of the program. We view everything involved in a program as integrated business units rather than individual projects.

Our approach to program/project management involves:

Cost Management – We evaluate financial considerations from the planning phase through close-out, and ensure the budget is based on accurate funding estimates and expected costs. We regularly conduct risk and cost analyses to determine the probability that a program or project will stay within budget.

Scope and Schedule Management – We ensure that changes in the schedule or scope don’t result in unnecessary delays. Our approach starts with an understanding of the scope of work, an appreciation of the technology involved (if applicable), and the selection of the appropriate scheduling platform.

Quality Assurance – We ensure that the project scope, including the definition of quality standards and check points, is well defined, documented, and communicated. We anticipate potential issues, incorporate contingencies into planning, perform quality reviews, and validate all scope, cost, risk, and schedule submittals.

Earned Value Management System (EVMS): At BHMS, we believe the basic concept of EVM is more than a unique project management process or technique, rather it is an umbrella term for 32 guidelines that define a set of requirements that a contractor’s management system must meet.  The objectives of an EVMS are to:

  • Relate time phased budgets to specific contract tasks and/or statements of work.
  • Provide the basis to capture work progress assessments against the baseline plan.
  • Relate technical, schedule, and cost performance.
  • Provide valid, timely, and auditable data/information for proactive project management analysis and action.
  • Supply managers with a practical level of summarization for effective decision making.

Construction Management

BHMS construction management experts provide complete construction management services throughout all project phases. These services include but not limited to:

  • Planning/Pre-Design Phase
    Program management – Project management – Cost management – Time management – Contract administration
  • Design Phase
    Cost management – Time management – Contract administration 
  • Procurement Phase
    Cost management – Contract administration
  • Construction Phase
    Program management – Project management – Cost management – Time management – Contract administration
  • Post-Construction Phase
    Cost management – Contract administratio